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All About Spelt

What is Spelt?  Spelt is one of the oldest cereal grains known to man.  It is estimated to be 9,000 years old, 2,000 years older than the oldest bread baking wheat.

What does it taste like?  Spelt has a mild, nutty flavor which makes it a favorite in whole grain breads.  Breads from Tuscany are made from spelt.

How is it different?  Many people with wheat allergies have found they can tolerate spelt because it is lower in gluten, although it is not gluten free.  (Those with severe allergic reactions should first consult with their doctor before consuming spelt.)

Did you know?  Spelt was the staff of life in Europe and the United States prior to the 20th century.  There were over 600,000 acres of spelt grown in the United States in 1909.